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"The Expansion is an absorbing read that feels like a movie waiting to be made, complete with glamorous locations, colourful characters and an ending that ties up the story neatly but leaves the door nicely ajar for…further Expansion!"

(Heather Moore)   read more

Reader Reviews

"The Expansion opens with one of the most fast-paced, explosive prologues that I’ve read in a long time. It sets the scene for a novel that is packed full of international espionage, murder, intrigue and the beautiful setting of Panama."

(Sally Akins)   read more

“An intelligent, energetic tale rife with double-crossings and espionage!”

Martin’s novel is a smart, rousing story condensed into a relatively quick read with short and sprightly scenes and chapters.

(KIRKUS REVIEW)   read more

"Thrills, spills, and intrigue galore in this tropical political thriller…"

(Christina Philippou)   read more

"This book kept you on the edge of your seat up until the last page, when finally, it left you hungry for more!"

(Cameron Arsenault)    read more

"The Expansion is packed full of secrets, betrayals and plenty of politics to keep you intrigued!"

(Rachel Broughton)    read more

"Loved the setting of this story which told of beautiful beaches, parties and a perfect place to fall in love.

Very balanced, intriguing and tense."

(Sue Hampson)   read more

"This book was a pleasure to read and is an exciting story, for that reason I have no qualms whatsoever giving it 4 out of 4 stars.

When Christoph Martin comes out with the sequel to The Expansion I can tell you right now that I will be chomping at the bit to get a copy."

(SCERACOR)   read more

"I enjoyed this book from the beginning. Easy To read and get immersed in the characters and story. I'm looking forward to the sequel!"

(Kate Hughes)   read more

"A great story which I highly recommend!"

(Claire  @x2mum)   read more


"I couldn’t put it down. I was fully into the characters and the action of the story. This is not a good start, but a great start for a debut. I want more."

(Lance W. Anderson)   read more

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